Master The Art of Ironing

Ironing clothes is one of those tasks that has a tendency to be a bit terrifying, but worry not- Read below for some simple and savvy tips on ironing the perfect shirt and trousers:

Tips To Iron The Perfect Pair Of Trousers:

  • Begin with the waistband and in-seam area, and then work your way out to the pockets and cuffs
  • Pull the waistband over the pointy end of the ironing board, as if you’re “dressing” the ironing board. Then iron upper-front part of the pants, including the waistband
  • Place the pants parallel to ironing board lengthwise so both legs are facing the same direction. Now iron each leg by moving the iron back and forth along the pant leg
  • Take the cuff of the leg and bring it over towards the waistband to iron the inner part of the leg. Then repeat these two steps for the second leg
  • Hang the trousers up when ironing is completed, either by the waistband or by the cuffs, or on a shirt hanger, by folding them in half and maintaining the creases

Tips To Iron The Perfect Shirt:

  • When ironing cotton dress shirts, use the cotton setting and plenty of steam. Iron lengthwise, not in circles
  • Begin with the collar and work toward the middle from the outer edges
  • Lay the shoulder over the narrow edge of the board and iron one side of the front. Then, iron the shoulder, across the back (below the collar line), then the other shoulder and finally the remainder of the front
  • Iron sleeves and cuffs, working down from the underarm seams. To remove creases, shift the double layer of sleeve fabric and iron out
  • Iron body of garment, from half of the front around the back, then second half of front. If your shirt does not open, slip over end of ironing board and iron front and back in turn
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