The Toasted Cheese Sandwich – From Good To Great!

Perfect Toasted Cheese Sandwich

There is nothing so wonderful as a perfectly made toasted cheese sandwich (no matter what mood or weather we find ourselves in!), where the cheese is melted to a puddle on good toasted bread… dry and crisp… not greasy… not white in some spots and dark in others… crunchy, bendy, buttery, melty, simple, plain perfection- Is your mouth watering yet? Here’s how it’s done:

  • First off- Whether you prefer using butter or margarine, don’t use it on the inside of the bread at all- There’s enough oil in the cheese to take care of the inside of the sandwich. Spreading it on the outsides will do.
  • Use a solid, firm bread- If it’s too light and airy, it’ll tend to break apart really easily as soon as the cheese melts into it.
  • Your cheese selection matters! Dry, crumbly, fresh cheeses like feta simply won’t melt properly. Ditto for overly aged cheeses, like a Parmesan or hard pecorino. Stick to the classic favourites- cheddar, mozzarella or Brie work best, but as long as it melts, it’s got a place in your sandwich. You can always mix a good feta into your cheddar to still ensure a great melt!
  • Leave space for the cheese to melt- About half a centimetre within the bread border should do the trick. You don’t want the all the cheese to leak out of the bread.
  • Don’t overcook your sarmie – Ideally you want the outside of you bread crisp and the inside soft and steamy. Listen to the cheese! When it starts to crackle a little on the toaster, give it about a minute and it should be grilled to an optimum. Most toasted sandwich makers like the Russell Hobbs Two Slice Sandwich Maker have a built-in indicator light that’ll let you know when your sandwich is grilled to perfection!
  • Toppings, toppings, toppings are a real game changer – Fresh herbs and thinly sliced veggies work wonders! And if you’re wanting to use an oil-based spread like mayonnaise or chutney, consider halving your butter quantities.

So there we have it- your toasted sandwich just went from simple and satisfying to a mind blowing culinary experience- Enjoy every bite!

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