Another Christopher Vine Favourite Is Back!

Christopher Vine

They are finally back… The famous Christopher Vine Gift Boxed Mug has re-launched with The Mob collection of cats & dogs coffee mugs! Christopher Vine is famous for his mugs, and especially his gift box mug, so it was only appropriate to make a big return with a very funky collection of 12 characters that you will come to love. The Mob collection is a celebration of the personalities of your beloved pets and best friends. Silly, funny, sassy, posh, grumpy and stylish are all traits they have included in these funny little characters, so they hope you recognise the characters they’ve have created. We can all be a bit too serious at times so they created this collection to lighten the mood and also add some pop to your mug game! Made from prestige porcelain which is dishwasher and microwave safe and comes with a matching gift box to make it the perfect gift!

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