Get Organised With Small Space Storage Solutions


Let’s face it- Whether it’s a cupboard, pantry, drawer, shelf or even a room, we all have an area in our home where the space is simply too small! Ok, now you can sit back and breathe a little with these practical and simple small space solutions:


Stainless steel is a great option for a cutlery set when it comes to affordability and ease of care. we can’t all live in a castle!

  • If you have cupboard doors, use the inside of them for all those items that take up unnecessary shelf space. For example, use cup hooks or rails on the inside of your doors for belts, necklaces and ties
  • Even smaller handbags can be hung on the inside of your cupboard door with a handbag rack.
  • Make use of the bottom of the cupboard too with stackable shoe racks that can extend width ways the more shoes you acquire.
  • If your shelves are too far apart, use hanging shelves to maximise the space you do have.
  • Avoid rubbing your cutlery with abrasive cloths
  • If you don’t have lots of hanging space, make use of hangers that allow you to hang downwards or add hanger connectors to hangers you already have.


Plan your kitchen layout carefully before you start organising it so that you know exactly what you actually need. We spend a lot of our time in our kitchens and if they don’t function, it can really dampen any culinary joy! These are some tried and tested small space solutions for kitchens:

  • The inside of cupboard doors in a kitchen are seldom used and once again, I think they can provide great storage space. Hang up organisers for your foil and cling wrap or even your Tupperware lids and cutting boards can be stored in racks.
  • If you can hang organisers over your shelves to make space for more items, then do so. These can help with cup/mugs storage and stackable organisers make full use of the height of your cupboard. A shelf raiser is also very useful.
  • The under-side of cupboards are also great space savers in a kitchen especially if you don’t have space in your dining room for glasses and wine. These racks work a charm!

Other Spaces

Use the walls in your office, garage and other small spaces in your home for optimised space storage:

  • Adding baskets that clip together to a wall allows you to divide items and use the full wall space available. This can be done for paperwork as well using a document organiser. Magazines can also be stored in wall-mounted baskets.
  • Well configured shelving can be a brilliant space-saver. Use shelving brackets that are adjustable and use the maximum space on the wall that you can. If you use this well in an office environment, you can even add a wider shelf to the bottom to make a desk space
  • If you have drawers, make sure you organise them properly. If you simply throw things in them, you can’t find what you need and will land up wasting space.
  • Use ‘dead space’ and nooks if at all possible e.g. shelving, hooks, hanging baskets or drawers.

These are just SOME of the small-space solutions that can be implemented in your spaces- We hope these do the trick!

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