The Return of the Hottess Trolley: Vintage Equipment for Modern Entertaining

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Seeing a Hottess trolley for sale in your local kitchen equipment shop is likely to ignite fond memories of the ‘70s; a time when mastering the arts of housewifery was considered a woman’s most desired feat. More recently, the modern entertainer has preferred to make do without these relatively large pieces of equipment, but in the age of convenience, we’re seeing a popular resurgence of customers coming into the store, looking to buy Hottess trolleys.

And why not? In the very highest-class European restaurants, waitrons rely on a version of the Hottess trolley to ensure top-quality silver service that is of the highest standard in the world.

Nobody should have a wholesome tasty cooked dinner served to them on a cold plate, but Hottess trolleys serve a number of functions, apart from the obvious job of keeping food warm and flavourful.

Here are some of the other advantages making Hottess trolleys a popular choice even amongst modern shoppers:


Keeping food hot doesn’t only make it more appetizing, it also arrests the growth of bacteria on the food’s surface. This is something that begins happening as soon as food begins cooling down, so the ability to maintain a high temperature definitely attributes towards more hygienic, fresher servings.

In addition, Hottess trolleys usually have built-in chafing (warming) dishes, complete with lids, which will also keep bacteria (as well as flies) away from your food.

Heat, as and when needed

The ability to keep food at the perfect temperature indefinitely during a dinner party may seem like an impossible feat, but a Hottess trolley is able to do this for you, ensuring that the dishes you’ve worked so hard on are served at their best.

This is especially important when entertaining, as guests are prone to being late, ambling around, and getting distracted. A Hottess trolley ensures that your food and your guests are ready and waiting simultaneously.


Hottess trolleys are perfect for food on the move, allowing you to transport entire meals, along with dishes and other elements, safely and easily. You can roll them out onto the patio, or even over the lawn for a garden party.

The love of all things vintage has become a trend in clothes and interior décor, so why not in our kitchens as well? If you love to cook and entertain, consider investing in a Hottess trolley for a touch of retro glamour and plenty of convenient features!

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